Don’t Make Commenting Difficult comment section

Websites are built almost solely on its communities. In the case of blogs, the communities hang out in the comments section. That’s where all the socialization and exchange of ideas take place. But writing a thoughtful comment alone is difficult enough. Don’t make it any harder for your readers. This is one of the most […]

Two lightweight CSS grid frameworks: the 1KB and the 1-liner

1KB CSS Grid by Tyler Tate

In the left corner: Tyler Tate’s 1KB CSS Grid, a lean framework sporting 14 classes and the familiar conventions for enforcing a visual grid via CSS. In the right corner: Vladimir Carrer’s 1-line CSS Grid, an experimental framework sporting a single class to cut nested column widths in half. The solution is mindblowingly brilliant, but […]

The list article backlash

It’s begun. Actually, since list-style blog posts on design trends and other pretty things have been popular for a few years now, I’m sure the backlash has been happening for a while. Now, it does make sense to organize your a complex article into easily digestible chunks, especially in a not exactly 100% comfortable to […]

Website kill switch: safety net or unethical move?

Whether experienced first-hand or heard of in cautionary tales, everybody is familiar with the horror of not being compensated for one’s work and not being able to do anything about it. Enter a possible solution: a remote kill switch, which gives web designers a back door into a client website via PHP, AJAX or CSS […]

The Prettier Side of Aggregation

Jeff Croft

Jeffrey Zeldman’s article, The vanishing personal site, brings to light what many of us have been wondering about in the back of our heads for a while now. Social networks that provide features often found in a personal website captured our fancies and stretched our virtual personas in all directions. That goes for both the […]

Usability & accessibility means no user is left out

Umbrella Today

Umbrella Today, which is a beautifully crafted site (CSS parallax effect!) that tells you whether or not you should bring an umbrella outside, does not work for me. See, it asks for a zip code—presumably limited to the United States only. But I don’t live there. Now, I know, there are countless websites that exclude […]

rel, rev, and HTML5

Here’s the conclusion that all the web gurus seem to have drawn over the past months: HTML5 is the future, and that future is slowly creeping into our midst. This article by Dave Shea is the latest proof of that. Then there are inspiration galleries and blogs dedicated to the use of HTML5 for markup, […]

What’s your Internet like? (Hint for dealing with clients)

Ben Terret\'s Internet List (photo by Tina Roth Eisenberg of swissmiss)

Ben Terrett of Noisy Decent Graphics has written a list of things that describe what “his Internet” is like. From an encounter with a technologically-challenged executive comes an inspiring exercise to get everyone on the same page first. …I thought it might be a nice idea to get everyone to describe ‘their internet’ at the […]