7 Qualities To Make An Impressive User Interface

user interface

User interface is that thing, which makes the interaction between the user and the application or a website. So making it perfectly is very important for every software designer. There are some important facts in this regard. You will have to remember that creating a perfect user interface does not depend on how the interface […]

Weak titles a web site usability error

web design

Blogs and various content sites have proliferated all over the world wide web, giving the average user an wide range of articles, blog posts and content to read and enjoy. But even with the proliferation of content on the internet there is one glaring error that most of these sites commit – enabling their content […]

Design Is Identity

How many times have you come across a new weblog discussing a specific niche sporting a fairly too common WordPress theme? Probably more often than we’d all want to see. A large number of new weblogs these days are launched with default themes and styling that it’s now becoming hard to identify sites based solely […]

Pull People to Your Website


When you design a website for your online business you are going to want to be able to draw people to your website. There are ways to do that. The best way is to use SEO to bring them to you. If you use SEO the search engines will pull your website up so people […]

The Beauty of Whitespace in Maps

London Tube Map

Having lived in several different countries and towns, public transport always has been a constant in my life and so have subway/tube maps. First time I arrived in London I was surprised how easy it was to navigate the London Underground Map, which in this form first was released in 1933. (click for full size […]

Don’t Make Commenting Difficult

techwithoutwires.com comment section

Websites are built almost solely on its communities. In the case of blogs, the communities hang out in the comments section. That’s where all the socialization and exchange of ideas take place. But writing a thoughtful comment alone is difficult enough. Don’t make it any harder for your readers. This is one of the most […]