3 Tips to Increase Sales on Your Ecommerce Website

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If you’re running an ecommerce website, arguably the most important number you’re going to be concerned with is your online sales. If your website isn’t performing the way it should be, one of the biggest indicators will be a low sales number. When you experience a drought in online sales, it can be difficult to […]

Bright Future Awaits Web Designers

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There’s no question that the web is the future. It still is the information superhighway that easily connects people from around the world. This being the case, web designers and web developers of today are facing a bright future. The outlook for such profession is above average based on government statistics. To become a developer […]

Web Design Tips: Simplicity is Key


It is said that you have only but 5 – 10 seconds to capture an audience on the web. This comes as no surprise, considering the ridiculously huge and innumerable amount of websites available to browse on the internet. From the more information based sites (Wikipedia and WebMD) to crass comedy (Cracked and Funny or […]

Best Resources to Use for Web Design Ideas

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Web designers may have their own ideas when creating a layout design for a website but similar to writers, they also experience the so-called mental block syndrome at certain times. Fortunately, the web has a wealth of information available and designers can always turn to it for inspiration. It may surprise you to know that […]

Interesting Record-Breaking iTunes Stats


Listening to and storing one’s favorite music has become a breeze these days, thanks to Apple’s revolutionary iTunes. With this largest music store and application, millions of people the world over have finally enjoyed the tunes they love to hear whether online or using their gadgets without much effort and without spending a fortune. Since […]

The Positive Impact of Internet Technology to Students

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Students of the present times are very lucky in that they have modern technology easily available to them. Unlike in the past when students only have to rely on their books and those they can find in the libraries, the youth of today have varied tools they can use for different purposes. The internet technology, […]

Web Design: Ask the Professionals

Would you ever feel comfortable buying from a seedy-looking shop? Probably not; you might not even try going inside. It’s the same way with websites: you wouldn’t buy from a dubious looking one, let alone bother reading what’s on it. But unless you employ the services of a professional web designer (or you are one), […]