Interesting Record-Breaking iTunes Stats


Listening to and storing one’s favorite music has become a breeze these days, thanks to Apple’s revolutionary iTunes. With this largest music store and application, millions of people the world over have finally enjoyed the tunes they love to hear whether online or using their gadgets without much effort and without spending a fortune. Since […]

The Positive Impact of Internet Technology to Students

students using internet

Students of the present times are very lucky in that they have modern technology easily available to them. Unlike in the past when students only have to rely on their books and those they can find in the libraries, the youth of today have varied tools they can use for different purposes. The internet technology, […]

Web Design: Ask the Professionals

Would you ever feel comfortable buying from a seedy-looking shop? Probably not; you might not even try going inside. It’s the same way with websites: you wouldn’t buy from a dubious looking one, let alone bother reading what’s on it. But unless you employ the services of a professional web designer (or you are one), […]

Creating value in web sites


Designing a web site entails looking at various factors that will make up the totality of the finished product. Making sure that the web site is aesthetically pleasing and easy to navigate is a good draw and will help ensure the growth of visitors and return visits from them. But aside from the regular design […]

7 Qualities To Make An Impressive User Interface

user interface

User interface is that thing, which makes the interaction between the user and the application or a website. So making it perfectly is very important for every software designer. There are some important facts in this regard. You will have to remember that creating a perfect user interface does not depend on how the interface […]

Weak titles a web site usability error

web design

Blogs and various content sites have proliferated all over the world wide web, giving the average user an wide range of articles, blog posts and content to read and enjoy. But even with the proliferation of content on the internet there is one glaring error that most of these sites commit – enabling their content […]