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    If your IT support consists of your secretary’s teenage son and a system tech who visits the office once a month, then it may be time to update your IT operations. If your business has IT staffers who do manual software updates and think a service level agreement means a paycheck every Friday, then it’s definitely time to update your IT operations.

    Life moves fast in a web 2.0 world. You can’t wait to respond to technical issues. You plan for them. Ideally, when one of your servers fails, your business would experience little to no downtime. Your staff would have a spare system and a ghosted image of the failed machine ready to go live before you even knew it was down. In reality, servers and software are expensive and your staff might spend hours, if not days figuring out the failure and making repairs.

    Keeping up with software updates across a variety of operating systems and applications is time consuming if the process isn’t automated. One missed software patch can allow hackers to gain entry and expose sensitive data. These potential fiascos mean serious downtime, lost productivity and fewer sales. They’re also easily avoidable.

    Whether you have 10 employees or 10,000, you need intelligent IT solutions that scale quickly, are robust and provide performance and reliability. You need people who keep up with the latest technological advances and have the skills to support you now and the vision to chart your future. Thanks to the era of virtualization, you have those people.

    Dell is here to support you. Service areas include:

    • Desktop Configuration

    • Security

    • Storage Solutions

    • Content Management

    • Network Monitoring

    Consulting with Dell Enterprise it management means working with IT professionals who are experts in cloud computing, database support, application integration and enterprise solutions. Enterprise software solutions simply refer to business or organizational software and systems as opposed to retail or personal software.

    We can evaluate the software your office currently uses and observe how your operations work. Moving into the cloud means you’ll be able to access applications via the Web, so no more worries about keeping on top of updates or having the latest versions. If you have public computers, or employees who share computers, your machines can boot up with clean software installs every morning, fresh from the cloud. You’ll gain instant access to petabytes of off-site data storage.

    Dell may advise that you outsource some or all aspects of your IT operations, even user support. Migrating your entire office to a new IT system may seem like a monumental task, but they will guide you and your staff through it and help streamline the entire process.

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